Monday, October 16, 2006

Happy Birthday to…

It seems all of my best friends (excluding Vicky) have birthdays in October.

Tim Murphy.

You know how you keep meaning to call? Well, I kept meaning to send you a card or something. But I’m a retard, so…

Murphy’s been going through a bit of shit lately and, to top it off, he’s older than me. Just think how much it must suck to be older than me! (Luv ya!)

Sean Deyo.

We had a little poker game at the house on Saturday night and I made sure we put a little extra effort into it since it was Sean’s birthday and he didn’t have anyone to celebrate with. But since Sean’s wife died, he’s decided he can be as rude as he pleases so… well, he was kind of a twerp. He even insulted Paula, who made a cake for us!

Now, next time I see him, I gotta tell him, “Dude. You’re being kind of a dick.”

Good Times.

Tim Clostio.

Clostio has decided to take himself out of my life, at least for a while. He chose his friend Booze over his friend Ken. I’m disappointed and I’m hurt.


Yep. Today’s the day. I’m out of work and I’m a year older. 41. (That’s like 287 in dog years.) In addition, Vicky snuck up behind me last night and surprised me, little knowing (hell, no one could have told her) that a little startle would spasm my back so bad that I would collapse on the living room floor, unable to get up.

(I just got up a few minutes ago and am loving my birthday so far.)

Happy Birthday, kids!


Jenn from WA said...

WOOHOOO...happy 41 Ken. You don't look a day older than 29.

Timothy said...

You've got me all wrong Ken. How many people REALLY know me? Do you? I'm hurt, and I love you.