Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Ebony and Irony…

(What can I say? It makes a good title.)

“So, here’s the thing. Let’s not let that happen to us, okay?” I said and leaned in and kissed my bride.

I’ve been watching our Mad About You DVDs lately. I love that show. I actually was afraid I wouldn’t be able to watch it because it was a show Rosa and I watched religiously back in the day and I thought… but no, I’m fine. I’m loving it, which is great.

But here’s the thing: the finale to the fourth season ends with the two main characters, husband and wife, nearly splitting up because (amongst other reasons) she kissed someone. I sat there watching it and felt an oyster spoon gutting me – the two didn’t split up, though. They made it.

I remembered Rosa and I watching it. I remembered us saying, “That will never happen to us.”

I remembered kissing Cindy. I remembered my marriage ending.

And I bawled my eyes out.

So, when Vicky came home, I said, “Can I talk to you for a second?” And I told her the whole story. “So, here’s the thing. Let’s not let that happen to us okay?” And we kissed on it. Then, I added, “Not that I’m out there kissing anyone or anything – not that I’ve thought about it.”

I just couldn’t take losing Vicky. That would be very bad.

So, here it is. Nearly two in the morning. And I’m wide awake. I’ve been watching the DVDs and I got to the final episode.

Should I tell you that they two characters have split up at the end? No, I shouldn’t spoil the surprise… if there is any.

I couldn’t get even a minute into it. I felt that old, familiar tearing feeling inside that I felt when I lost Rosa. This time, though, I also thought about Vicky and what it would feel like to lose her.

I don’t think I could take it. Even thinking about it has me in tears… very annoying, by the way, considering how we’re just fine right now. It would be very bad.

So, Vicky. Honey. If you’re reading this, can I just say, because I don’t want to wake you up, let’s not let that happen to us, okay?


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