Thursday, October 19, 2006

Not nearly the news…

So, I’m at the gym this morning and I had to constantly remind myself to look away from the Wall of TVs. For those of you who’ve never been to the gym – and I think this includes all gyms – there’s this Wall of TVs tuned to all sorts of stations (Fox, CNN, Fox, NBC, Fox) because someone decided you can’t walk without a TV in front of you.

And here’s what I saw:

Fox. In the midst of a story about how liberals are so afraid of the suspension of Habeas Corpus, the anchors began making jokes and laughing about it. That’s how far we’ve thrown objectivity in the name of a little so-called entertainment. I don’t think any definition of objectivity should include laughing.

CNN. Not much better here. They were using The National Enquirer as a source of one of their stories, actually showing the printed pages on the screen. Now there’s a source I can trust.

Meanwhile, the most reliable thing on local news has become the weather forecast. Insert your own joke here.

I normally stay far away from TV news but, before that Wall of TVs, it’s not hard to remember exactly why.

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