Thursday, September 28, 2006

The "Fuck You Bill" has passed the Senate...

The Republicans - you know, those elite father figures who know best... wasting the surplus, starting wars, etc. - have now decided to take another big bite out of our civil rights.

The Senate today passed the "detainee interrogation bill"... sounds like it regulates how detainees are interrogated, doesn't it? But it true Repulsivecan fashion, it also means:

Any legal residents of the country could be rounded up with no rights as an "enemy combatant". Remember when the enemy was just illegal aliens?

Violation of the Geneva Convention. But that wouldn't be the first international treaty Shrub and his cronies have violated.

Wave bye-bye to Habeas Corpus. But does anyone really want to know why they're being carted away against their will to an internment camp?

Prisoners are no longer allowed judicial review. Shrub can simply label them an enemy combatant and it's disappear time for them.

Confessions under torture are admissable as evidence. You know, the thing you confessed to while they were breaking your thumbs? Yeah, when you confessed to killing Jesus? Well, now they can try you for that, too.

Secret Evidence. As a defendent, you don't need to know what's being held against you - fuck your miranda rights!

Rape and sexual assault are still illegal... IF you can prove that it was against your will!!!

Now, before you really start to become afraid, you should realize that this still needs to pass the House... which already passed a similar bill... and Shrub's desk to...

We're boned.

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