Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Another reason why I’m not a Christian…

My friend, Megan, died recently.

She was kind and good, honest and caring, compassionate and loving. She was honest and nonviolent and generous. Megan was not, however, a Christian.

According to Christian doctrine, she now burns in the fires of hell for all eternity.

Christians are a group of people bullied by a belief.

No thanks.

I’m proud to say that Megan did not have any last minute conversion. She died unafraid, unbargaining. I can only hope to be as brave.


Jenn from WA said...

Personally, I believe more in spirtuality than religion. Too many inconsistencies. And for Christians in particular, a group of people who "claim" to be non judgemental, sure do judge a lot. Whatever happened to "love thy neighbor"

Tony said...
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Tony said...

An analogy:

A woman is in a building going about her business when I fireman rushes in and tells her that the building is on fire. He points her to one of the many doors in the room and tells her that this ONE door is the only one that leads to safety, and he leaves.

The woman says to herself, "Well, that is a very narrow view. I choose not to believe the fireman and I will choose another door."

She dies in the fire.

Days later her friend writes in his Blog entitled, "Another reason I am not a Fireman". In it he states, "My friend died in a fire recently. She was kind and good, honest and caring, compassionate and loving. She was honest and nonviolent and generous. She was not, however, a Fireman. According to Fireman doctrine, she burned in the fire because she didn't go through the only door that lead to safety. Firemen are a group of people bullied by a belief."


It is not unloving to tell this woman that there is only one way out, if that is indeed the case. It is not hateful to tell her that she will die if she chooses to go into the closet rather than the door pointed out to her. It is not judgmental to tell her that she will plummet to her death if she chooses to jump out the window, instead of going out the ONLY door that leads to safety.

In fact, just the opposite. How does one "love thy neighbor" by telling them that all doors lead to safety, and that the fireman was just a narrow minded fool burdened by a belief?

It is unfortunate that one of two things happened. Either your friend was told which door to go through and rejected it. Or nobody ever told her.

Sad either way, but not the fireman's fault.

Kenneth La Salle said...

Please, Tony, don't try and be an advocate of Christianity (which I can only assume you're trying to do in your own, rambling way) after advocating torture. It hurts to watch.

Kenneth La Salle said...

In case you're wondering, Tony, I deleted your post because I won't tolerate lying. If you don't like it, don't read this site. It's that easy.