Friday, January 06, 2006

Sick as a Suki…

Well, it’s been quite a week. Eventful and not.

Briefly, I’ve been laid up all week with a terrible cold, with which I should presently be in bed. The thing about staying in bed with a cold, however, is that you grow weary of bed and look for reasons to get out.

So, I thought I’d write.

The new year began with a snore, not a bang. That was fine by me, though. Vicky and I had partied last year. So, when she sadly asked if she could go to sleep, I had no qualms about it… and got to play a little World of Warcraft.

The next day, I mentioned that we might want to make some juice because I felt a cold coming on. I love our juicer, though, and will find any excuse to use it. But then, on Monday, I insisted that we should make some juice soon because a cold was indeed coming on. The tight retort of post-nasal drip was ringing upon the back of my throat.

And, sure enough, Tuesday morning came and I was sick sick sick… Vicky stayed far away from me, wouldn't kiss me for fear of contagium...

Turned out Suki was sick, too. (See, you thought the title was just a dog joke, huh?) Vicky brought her into the vet and, sure enough, she had an ear infection. So, we both spent the week crashed on the bed, sofa, etc.

Don’t worry, though. Once I’m up and around – and get a handle on all the work I missed – I’ll be sure to get back to this blog.

Not to mention Vicky and I have a lot of kissing to catch up on…

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