Friday, March 29, 2013

Jeepers Creepers Peepers, etc….

Picked up my new eyes the other day.

… I should probably explain that.

As you may know, I wear glasses, have for many years. I was pretty damned blind as a child and went from one doctor to another, from one surgery to another. By the time I was in my 20s, I hardly needed glasses at all.

You just know that couldn’t last, right?

In fact, on my last visit to my optometrist, he addressed this issue by saying, “There are various biological factors and mitigating consequences…”

“I’m getting old,” I said, summing up.

He smiled a bit and nodded. “Um, yes.”

One nice thing about getting old is I don’t really care that I need to wear glasses any longer. Hell, it goes with the beard… which I’ll shave off one of these day. Then, it’ll go with the grey.

Now, I have two pairs of glasses. One pair is for distance vision. The other pair is for reading. That’s the new pair. My doc took my regular glasses and placed another lens on top of them. “How does that look?” he asked.

“Holy crap,” I nearly shouted. “I can see!” That’s how much of an improvement it was. I could honestly see everything I was reading – for the first time in years.

And that’s good, because I read a lot. As a writer, I spend 10-12 hours in front of my monitor, typing on my keyboard, just about every day. My doc has told me that it’s the strain on my eyes from all that “close up work” (as he calls it) that wears me out. In other words, what I do makes me who I am.

That sucks.

But there you are. So, I’m sitting here with these new glasses on, seeing everything. Eh, it ain’t so bad.

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