Saturday, March 02, 2013

So Dream Something, featuring Cynthia Underwood...

This week, I am pleased to welcome Cynthia Underwood to the podcast. And I want to alert my listeners that this episode will require the use of some adult language. Be forewarned.

The reason I mention this is because of how I know Cynthia. You see, she used to be just one of my wife’s old friends from back in Lancaster, California. Then, a few years ago, Vicky bought me my first painting – not a print but an actual painting. Owning this painting had shown me the difference between something that is art and something that is “of art,” such as a print.

The painting I call “insomnia” and is one of Cynthia Underwood’s “Fuck” paintings. I call it a “Fuck” painting because the word “Fuck” is featured prominently on the work. It is powerful and speaks to the problem of insomnia.

Like me, Cynthia often employs a pseudonym and hers is “Lola de Rossi”.

Cynthia's life has always included art. She earned her BA in Studio Art as well as Art History at Humboldt State University and also holds an MFA in Painting and Sculpture from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts from Tufts University. After that followed a residency at the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture.

Cynthia has created art in all sorts of venues, from corporate to whatever the hell she wanted. As a freelance artist, she designed work for Staples and Doritos. She was an instructor at the Mala Krsna Refugee Camp in Serbia, Littlerock High School, and several colleges but her career now is in Design Patents for the U.S. Patent Office.

This is not to say that Cynthia left her dreams of being an artist behind, however. As anyone can see on her website at, art continues to be an important part of her life. From word sculpture to employing different types of canvas – including a few cars – and on to her present project eloquently titled “Happy is the New Edgy”, Cynthia continues to make her dream an important part of her life.

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We covered a lot of territory in this episode, including…

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