Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Recovering the Self… Year Two…

This morning, I was emailing my editor over at Recovering the Self when a realization set in.

I just finished my second year writing about pursuing your dreams. (You can find the most recent column by clicking this link.)

This fact astonishes me because I’m not really what you might call a “believer in that kind of nonsense.” You see, before I started writing about pursuing your dreams I would look at anyone who said “put out good vibes and good things will come back” or “believe in yourself” or “make your own happiness, blah, blah, blah” and I would immediately roll my eyes.

There’s a whole school of thought out there that likes to suggest that dreams, once followed, have to happen. As if the world will just roll over if you want it to. “The Secret” and all that bullshit.

I don’t believe that at all.

So, what was I doing two years ago when I suggested writing a column about pursuing your dreams?

I realized that, like it or not, that’s what I had been doing for years. If there was one thing I could write about with authority, it was that! And I decided that I would take things in a different direction, a more honest direction.

The simple fact is that pursuing your dreams is just better than not pursuing your dreams. You learn more, you live more. You’re happier, healthier, better off when you go after what makes you whole. Sure, you might not win every time. You may fail. But the wins you get make it worthwhile, make it meaningful.

That’s why you have to pursue your dreams. Not because the world will roll over for you but because IT WON’T! If you don’t make it happen, nobody else will.

And so, two years later, here I am. And they have been two incredibly fulfilling years. Now, I host a blog about pursing your dreams called, So Dream Something. (Here’s a link.) And I’ve learned to think outside of myself and about others just a bit more.

I can’t wait to see how Year Three goes!

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