Friday, January 04, 2013

So Dream Something is looking for guests!...

So Dream Something

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contact: Ken La Salle,

January 4, 2013 – So Dream Something is looking for guests!

Are you someone who wants to be a writer? An actor? A chef? A painter? Do you have a dream of one day running a marathon? Of building a car? Or of becoming a carpenter? In short, do you have a dream?

Dreamers come in all shapes, sizes, races, ages, colors – they’re everywhere! They make our world more interesting and our lives more dynamic. Dreamers make life fun, different, memorable, and unique. They are a life-affirming force and can be a power for supreme good.

A new podcast, So Dream Something, would like to talk to you if you’re a dreamer who is pursuing your dream. We would like to have you as a guest tell our listeners what being dreamer means to you and how it has changed your life. Our listeners want to hear about when you first realized you had a dream and knew you were going to pursue it. We want to hear your plans for the next step in pursuing your dream and your plans for the future. But mostly, So Dream Something is a way for all dreamers to connect – to find that common thread that touches each of our hearts.

So Dream Something goes live across the Internet twice each month and we’re very interested in talking to you about being a guest. Contact host Ken La Salle at, by sending a short note through the site’s contact field.

Ken La Salle is an author and playwright out of Anaheim, California. His passion is intense humor, meaningful drama, and finding answers to the questions that define our lives. You can find his books on Amazon and Smashwords and all major etailers. His philosophical memoir, Climbing Maya, is available in ebook and paperback. His audiobook, The Worth of Dreams The Value of Dreamers, is available on iTunes, Audible, and all major etailers. You can follow Ken’s writing career on his website at


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