Friday, January 25, 2013

Dogs who used to miss her…

Vicky’s been in the hospital this week.

After her back surgery – a disc/disk fusion that was supposed to be “minor” (pardon me whilst I laugh) – we found an infection developing in her back and she was readmitted tout suite.

That was on Tuesday.

Tuesday night, as I spoke with Vicky on the phone, she asked, “Do the puppies miss me?”

… okay, now I need to tell you that Vicky has been gone from home a lot lately. I mean, she went on a business trip to Omaha (why else would anyone go there?), a business trip to Switzerland, had back surgery, and is back in the hospital again. To be honest, Vicky hasn’t really lived in our home that much. She just visits.

So, I had to tell Vicky when she asked if her puppies were missing her… “No.”

“NO?” she asked rather loudly.

“Not really. I think think they’re used to it,” I told her.

This came as something of a disappointment to Vicky. When she was in Switzerland, Shipoopi would sit on the sofa for hours, watching the door for Vicky’s arrival. Suki would jump up whenever I came home, thinking it was Vicky (and getting very disappointed when it was just me). Now? Nothing.

…Vicky’s getting out of the hospital today.

I told Vicky that the dogs were bound to be excited when Vicky returned. Surely, they’d remember her now.

I’m considering tying Beggin’ Strips to Vicky’s ankles. Do you think she’d notice?

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