Friday, September 28, 2012

I finished a video game?...

Yes! I did!

Okay, I suppose a little context is in order here. You see, for many years I played World of Warcraft and pretty much nothing but World of Warcraft. And the thing about World of Warcraft is… you don’t finish it. You never finish it. Even if you finish it, you don’t finish it.

So, I quit WoW a while back and moved on with my life – first, I got a life. Eventually, I hankered for a new game for my PC and found a little thing called Just Cause 2.

I got there in a roundabout way. First, I decided to load my old GTA games – Vice City, San Andreas, you know – only to learn that they run like hell (when they run at all) on Windows 7. Dammit! Okay, lesson learned. I moved on from there to GTA IV, which ran fine… just fine… just… yawn… fine.

Ugh! There was just something missing from GTA IV. The game plays like a great mob movie but not like a great game, you know? I wanted something new and exciting, something that allowed me to spread havoc and chaos. I wanted Just Cause 2!

From the day I bought it – just over $10 on Steam – I couldn’t stop playing it. With the mods I installed, I could use my grappling hook to go anywhere I wanted with ease. I loved it!

And then, the moment came when I finished it… I mean FINISHED it! I hadn’t finished a video game in so long it actually took me by surprise! I found myself wondering, “Why doesn’t this cut scene end?”

But then, it was done.

What next?

Why, another game of Just Cause 2, of course! I think I’m going to have to play this at least a couple of more times – not because the story is so great but because the visceral thrill of it is such a blast!

I suppose you could say that’s a good review. Anyway, I have to go.

I have a game calling me…

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