Friday, September 21, 2012

A little time away…

Vicky is in San Francisco this week... the bitch.

As some of you may know, our wedding anniversary is coming up on September 24th and me being an out of work bum means I don’t have much I can give her by way of a present. That feels pretty shitty, to be honest. Our year hasn’t gone quite the way we had hoped, and that includes my book sales and my inability to find a job.

Fortunately, I just signed a contract on a new part-time job, just signed a contract with a new agent, and recently signed a distribution deal for my audio book – so things are turning around.

I guess I’ve been thinking about this so much today because, simply put, I miss her. Vicky and I talk on the phone every night and almost every morning and we text each other off and on during the day but I am just going crazy with how much I miss her. And did I mention our anniversary marks seven years of marriage? Seven years! And I’m crazier about her now than when we first met!

The funny thing is, I know what’ll happen when she gets back. She’ll be tired and busy and I’ll be busy, too. We’ll have a few moments here and there, a few kisses and hugs, and a little time to hold each other on the sofa – but mostly, we’ll be working.

I kinda hate that.

Still, I know that’s how we are. And maybe that’s why I’m so crazy about her, because I never have the opportunity to get bored.

In case you’re wondering, yes, I am leaving out what’ll happen just after she walks through the door. I think she better watch out, though, because I’m getting some ideas…

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