Saturday, August 09, 2008

One in – One out…

Vicky just said, “What are you writing? ‘My Dad died and I bought a puppy?’”

She’s good.

So, anyway, my dad died and I bought a puppy.

My father’s death came almost as a relief. He’d been in pain for months. He was put on hospice care back on Wednesday and it took three days just to get the pain meds right. He deserved a rest. I’ll miss his terribly but I’m relieved that his suffering has ended. There’s that, at least.

Earlier, Vicky and I were at a pet store. Now, I am very much against buying pets at stores when there are so many who can be adopted. This is why I dragged Vicky to the pound – actually, she went there willingly; she’s nice like that. We checked and a couple of other sites. The thing is, the puppy we fell in love with, the puppy we wanted, was at the pet store. Her name is Shipoopi and she’s adorable. Don’t worry. You’re bound to see pictures of her somewhere near this space.

My dad would have liked the name and the dog. I can’t begin to tell you how much I’ll miss him, so…

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