Thursday, October 04, 2007

Gay – Straight – Iraq – Iran…

Senator Craig, the most popular man in a men’s toilet since the guy who invented hockey pucks, is undoubtedly our topic today. But, in fairness and exhaustion, I’ll try to keep this short.

First, he was innocent, not gay, and resigning from the Senate. Then, he was guilty, still not gay, and staying in the Senate. You’d think he’d either make up his mind at some point or realize that guilt is why you resign. Then, he contested the guilty plea… which he gave, was still definitely not gay, and said he’d resign if he judge didn’t overturn the ruling. Today, the judge said the ruling should stand… and, though he is emphatically not gay in any way – doesn’t even like Doris Day movies – he’s still saying he’s not leaving the Senate.

Yeah, we’ll see what your Repugnican cronies and the (non)Religious Right say to that.

But this all sounds very familiar to me and I think it shows the new paradigm for political expediency. Try to follow along:

We went into Iraq because of WMDs that we definitely there. When they weren’t, we stayed because of Sadam, who was definitely the root of all evil. When Sadam died and evil remained (Shrub and Cheney were still in office) we stayed because of the chaos that was there… ignoring the fact that we were causing it… and because of Al-Queda… which was there because of us.

And now, there’s Iran. We’ve been threatening them because of their nuclear program. When that turned out not to exist, the Republicans in the Senate (Uncle Joe Leiberman) introduced legislation to call the Iranian Republican Guard a terrorist organization – despite the fact that, by definition, that’s impossible (they are an army of the state – terrorist organizations are not defined as such, which I guess could be considered a blessing in some circles except…) and the Democrats in the Senate joined in the vote to approve it and hand Shrub the other war he wants.

The idea, I guess, is to have absolutely no dignity, to lie, lie, lie, and keep on lying even after you’ve been proven a liar, with absolutely no regard for the greater good… oh… right… These are REPUBLICANS!!!

This is what they do.

How silly of me.

… oh, and Craig is definitely gay.

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