Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Just a word on Stephanie Miller…

I wrote a piece several years ago, or so it seems, about how much I loved Stephanie Miller… and it became the most popular blog entry ever!

Seriously, I get a lot of hits from people checking out my relationship status with our favorite, sexy Liberal. Well, let me clear the air a bit. Stephanie and I, while we see eye to eye on so many things, aren’t in a relationship. In fact, we’ve never spoken to each other.

I’d love if things were different… you know, if she’d have me on her show to promote Climbing Maya, for instance. What do you say, Stephanie? Why don’t we do that?

… You probably shouldn’t hold your breath. I’m just a guy, no celeb, no pundit, nobody to help boost ratings… just a guy…


Steph? Drop me a line.

Maybe we can talk.
And check out Climbing Maya. You might like it!

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