Thursday, November 17, 2011

Why Demi and Ashton matter to me

Today Demi Moore announced that she would be filing for divorce from Ashton Kutcher. Tonight Ken asked if I cared about this and I told him yes I do. The news of Demi and Ashton’s split matters to me. It should really come as no surprise and here’s why…

It all started on September 24, 2005. You see, this is the day Ken and I were married and this is also the day that Demi and Ashton were married. Over the past six plus years of marriage Ken and I have been the best of friends, we love spending time together and we are each other’s favorite person. Demi and Ashton seemed happy and in love too. They are two people who want for nothing…they are rich and life seems easy for them. Ken and I are far from rich. We’re doing okay, but we’ve had more than our share of challenges. Life has not been easy for us. Yet, we are still together…our marriage is strong. It may not seem like much of a comparison given that most Hollywood marriages don’t last a decade let alone a lifetime, but this is one that we have a connection to, whether or not we want it. Even though they have the “easy life”, Ken and I have something better…our love.

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