Tuesday, November 08, 2011


I’m just going to say this: I want to do a podcast. I really do.

In the last half year or so, I’ve started listening to podcasts and they are a lot of fun. I get more from them than I think I get from TV, mostly because I listen to people who interest me talking about things that interest me.

This past weekend, I recorded my first guest spot on a podcast – and I’ll be sure to post that link once it’s up – and it was tons of fun. It was on Douglas Lain’s terrific Diet Soap podcast. We discussed Climbing Maya and some things about writing and philosophy in general. My next goal is to get on Jackie Kashian’s wonderful Dork Forest podcast – ONE DAY!

And I realize that won’t be enough. I’m a talker and I know I’m going to want to talk on my own podcast one of these days.

I’m just saying… it may happen…

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