Monday, September 12, 2011

I’m selling my body for medical experiments…

This actually happened today. I actually signed up to be a guinea pig in a medical experiment.

They promised to pay me a certain amount of money if I allowed them to test drugs on me. I used to manage people and now I’m so poor and so desperate for money thanks to this fucked up economy that I literally took a job from a lab rat.

I had a career in marketing that spanned over a decade. I rose from copywriting to marketing management and now I am holding out a sign that reads, “Will let you dissect me for food.” All this because there are no jobs out there.

I’ve applied to marketing jobs and to office jobs, to full and part time jobs, to every retail job you can imagine. Hell, I apply to anything I can find. I even apply to be a lab animal.

So the question then is this… Can it get worse?

I believe it can.

I could be rejected.

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