Thursday, October 22, 2009

The play’s the thing… that is driving me crazy…

I always go into these things thinking they’ll be easy. They’re easy to write, after all. How difficult could it be to get some friends together and put on a show?

Answer: it is murder.

With my staged reading approaching, I decided that since I don’t know any directors, don’t have access to any directors, and don’t have any Instant Director (just add water), that I’d direct. After all, I directed the last staged reading and that was… well, not a complete disaster… With that decided, I knew who my dream cast would be. I asked and they agreed.

And there we were. I wrote it. I was going to direct it. And I had my dream cast together who…

And then, one of them dropped out. The male lead. Great. But that was okay. It was a fun part that I would love to play so I decided I’d act also. Vicky had to remind me that my roundness wasn’t exactly actor-caliber… so it was crash (and burn) diet time. Time to get out there and jog jog jog (stupid blister)! But then, one of my actresses (to be totally non-PC) recommended someone who could do the role and, after seeing a video, I agree. It was torture, complete hell, but we got him on-board to play the role. Yea!

I went out for ice cream to celebrate.

Then, the guy didn’t call… or return my calls… in fact, he still hasn’t!! And my other actress is worried about the long commute – she’s down in San Diego and out of work and can afford the gas and… With only four parts, somehow I find myself losing 50% of my actors!!!

I mention all of that to tell you this: As I went to bed last night, Vicky asked, “Were you this bad in your other shows?”

“This bad?” I asked.

“You know, this crazy, this stressed, this neurotic.”

And I thought I was handling it all rather well!

So, I told her about my first play, Everything Changes. As we got that one ready, I was going through a nervous breakdown, one that would last the better part of half a year. Was I this bad? Oh, I was far, far worse! But, of course, Vicky came along far too late for that fun. Any stress I’m going through this time doesn’t need to come from my own insecurities or neurosis. I have others helping me along.

And we haven’t had our first rehearsal yet… not even our first!

This should be fun.

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