Sunday, September 27, 2009

Times like these, I wonder…

As you can probably imagine, I face a lot of rejection as a writer. After all these years, I’m used to it. I’d probably die of shock if someone actually offered to publish me.

But enough of that.

The reason I’m writing today is to give you an example of what rejection is like as a writer. Now, in case you didn’t know, publishers are incredibly, insanely specific about what they want. Some publishers only print work about dog. Small dogs. Some publishers only print work about the south winning the Civil War. Some publishers only print work about New England Housewives Under 25 Who Walk With a Limp on Their Left Foot Caused By a Childhood Injury.

It’s strange.

Just about the strangest rejection I’ve had, however, I received last week. It was regarding my book on success: Climbing Maya. I was rejected because (and I’m quoting here)the title was a little suggestive”. Suggestive of what?! Even I, a lifelong pervert had to take a few minutes to figure this one out!

So there you go. One publisher is avoiding this book because it could possibly be misconstrued as PORN! It terrifies them so that they couldn't even suggest changing the title! They were scarred by the smutty name!

... maybe I should change it... to Cattle Fuckers...

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