Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pre-ride thoughts…

So, it’s 7:15am and 62 degrees (f) outside. That’s just too blasted cold for my liking.

You know, this has been a pretty fucked up summer on the left coast, weatherwise. It’s been far too cool in the south and far too hot in the north. You want to talk about whacked weather patterns, harbingers of climate change? We might be able to start there. A little coolness in the south is one thing and a little heat in the north is another – but a lot of both? I don't like the way that trends.

Last summer, I could go on rides at 5am and it was already in the 70’s. Now, I’m bundling up. Either we’re going to be hit hard by the heat and have a scorching Christmas or it’s going to be far too cold down here. One way or another, it’ll fuck with the growing seasons and with migrations and all kinds of other shit, just like the heat is doing up north.

It’s not good.

As for me, I’m waiting until the temp rises above 65 (f) so I can go out on my ride without freezing my ass off…

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