Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Election Results...

Just after 8pm our time, Obama became the next President of the United States.

I cheered. I kissed my wife. I hugged Jeff, who'd actually only come over for pizza and election results. I was very relieved.

I was also a little drunk. I'd been celebrating with Shiraz.

What does Obama's election mean to me? It means that, perhaps, people have decided to stop listening to lies if just for a little while. It means that a message of hope still has power over deceit. It means that we really have moved on to a new chapter in American history.

It doesn't mean we can rest easy. It doesn't mean that the forces of ignorance and hate have given up.

That was proven this morning, when California Proposition 8 won. Odds are, it'll be overturned in court. I can think of few things less constitutional than reserving civil rights for only one group of people. But think of what this says about Californians. Easily fooled by the forces of hate? Yes. Ignorant? You bet. And just possibly the start of a movement against hope, a movement promoting hatred.

Let's hope not - but, as a Californian, I am ashamed about that.

The fight goes on.

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