Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Winter came early this year...

Don't worry. I'm not going to write about Global Cooling (yet another attempt by idiots to obfuscate the climate change issue). Nor am I going to write about my morning rides... although I pedalled over six miles this morning and realized my seat is just way too high. It's adjustment time!

No, this morning the issue is these morons at work and the damned Air Conditioner!!!

This place is usually a sauna. The folks in charge are so cheap they never crank the AC below 90. This morning, however, something new has happened. Someone's hit the AC, and they hit it HARD!

And we're freezing. Frost is forming on our coffee cups. Roaches are ice skating in the urinals. Idiots.

I'm at my desk right now, waiting for lunch and the possibility of sitting outside in the warm afternoon sun. As I have to sit in this ice box, though, I thought I'd write about the things that are keeping me warm. You see, I'm thinking about warm things today. Here's my list:

1) No list could start without my lovely Vicky. She warms me up, even when she's cold. I'm her personal furnace and when she's cold she snuggles against me and the world can be damned because ours is perfect. All I need to do is picture Vicky beside me and I instantly feel better.

(But then I open my eyes to type this and get cold again... dammit!)

2) Suki's belly. This morning, when I came home, Suki was very lovey dovey. She gave me her belly and rolled on her back and as I rubbed it she gave me very warm kissed on my arm. I should mention, however, that my arm was salty with sweat... so...

3) Shipoopi's belly. What can I say? You can't beat puppy belly! And Shipoopi has the sweetest, little puppy belly in the world. It's soft and warm and i just want to gobble it up!

... yes, I'm a freak.

4) Alacrity. My gentleman cat is still right there by my side, ready to loyally warm me up at a moment's notice. He laid down with me on the sofa the other night and we had the first snuggle in a long while. He is pretty much the perfect cat when it comes to being loyal and loving and true.

5) Blackrock Depths.

6) The Sunwell.

... what? It's been a while since I've played WoW!!!

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Jenn from WA said...

you stole my idea...

Weird how coldness is everywhere these days.