Wednesday, March 02, 2016

The question of Hillary...

I've spent a lot of time considering the question of Hillary Clinton and if I would vote for her if that became an issue. And, of course, I can think of a lot of reasons why I wouldn't: how she's taken money from big banks and private prisons, how her message of "leave everything as it is and don't hope for anything better" is about as cynical as anything I've recently heard, how she has supported just about every use of our military no matter the cost, and on and on.

But if you were to ask me today why I simply cannot support Hillary, I would have to say that Hillary strikes me too much like the kind of candidate the Republicans used to run: one who pays lips service to the needs of the many while protecting the interests of the few.

The choice in any election is never between the two most popular candidates. Telling me it's either her or Drumpf just tells me you've misunderstood the choice. The choice is between what your conscious, along with any system of ethics or morality you choose to follow, will allow. Mine just simply will not allow me to vote for this candidate.

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