Tuesday, September 02, 2014

I give you the Breakfast Shake!...

I was out driving around this morning and came to the realization that plenty of fast food restaurants give you a breakfast menu but none of them – not a single one (that I know of, at least) offers a Breakfast Shake!

Why is that?

It’s not like they have to resort to something as disgusting or nutritious as putting eggs or sausage in their shake. They don’t even have to resort to putting a frittata in your shake.

Listen: I’ve actually had a Cap’n Crunch Shake at a Carl’s Jr., many moons ago. They have the template. Now, they just need to take it to its next, logical step. Hell, make me a Franken-Berry Shake or a Boo-Berry Shake. Make me a Waffle Shake with real waffle bits and syrup. Make me a Pancake Breakfast Shake with bits of pancake and bacon! It can be done!

It can be done!

It must be done!!!!

… then again, maybe I’m just really in the mood for a shake…

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