Sunday, October 07, 2012

Great News about Climbing Maya...

Who would have thought Climbing Maya would be a best seller at such a great price?

That's right! The paperback version of Climbing Maya has climbed up the Amazon charts and even reached #16 this week! Have you picked up your paperback copy? You can get it for only $12.99 here:!

And if you think $12.99 is a great price for a paperback - and these days it is pretty darned good - you e-readers will be thrilled with the price of the Climbing Maya e-book. For a short time, Solstice Publishing has reduced the price on the e-book to just $2.99! That's right: $2.99! Heck, that's less that... well, anything!

You can pick it up Climbing Maya...
For your Kindle:
For your Nook:
And for all e-readers:

Again, that's just $12.99 for the paperback and only $2.99 for the e-book (for just a short time)!

Thanks to everyone who picks up a copy. I'm sure you'll enjoy it and hope to hear from you.

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