Friday, June 22, 2012

I can jog 200 miles…

I decided to do something different this year and begin recording every time I jogged or went cycling.

I’ll tell you that the cycling part didn’t work out so well. As you might know, I have two bicyles: the Giant and the Tank. The Tank is a 20 year old mountain bike with road tires that weighs about 500 pounds (or so). I’ve ridden that a lot in the last few years because it has armadillo tires, that’s Kevlar baby! I never got a flat on the Tank so it was great for long rides.

With just one problem.

It weighs 500 pounds (or so).

So, this year I decided to retire the Tank and take more rides on the Giant. All I needed to do was get an armadillo tire for my back wheel and everything would be…

And that was it for cycling. (Seriously, I need to get to the bike shop!)

As it turns out, I’ve been jogging far more often than I’ve been cycling. With the middle of the year coming up, I decided to check the excel file in which I record all these things – and found that I’ve jogged over 200 miles!

Now, let me go on record here and say, “Sure. I know 200 miles is nothing for other people. But, for me, it’s really something!”

I used to love to jog long ago, before I started smoking. So, to be back in a place where I can jog six or seven or eight miles at a stretch, totaling more than 200 in just six months? Well, that makes me very happy.

I’m not saying it makes me very thin, mind you, because I’m still a big, fat pig. But, things could be worse.

I’ll keep jogging…

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