Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The wisdom of the tooth…

This all started because of ice cream. Damn you, ice cream! Damn you to hellllll….

… oh well.

You see, I was getting a twinge in my tooth when I ate ice cream and that had begun to worry me.

… So, I ignored it.

But that didn’t stop the twinge of pain in my tooth. Funny how things work.

Finally, I made the mistake of telling Vicky. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from Marriage 2.0, it is “Never tell your spouse what’s on your mind. It’ll only get you into trouble.” No kidding. Things like “Hey, look at that blonde with the big tits. She’s hot.” or “I’m thinking of shaving my head” or “My tooth hurts” – it just never ends well.

So, I told Vicky and right away she over-reacted. “You should see a dentist.”

Crazy talk!

And every time I complained about the pain, Vicky would started talking nuts: “Go to the dentist.” Seriously, the girl needs help.

But I did finally go to the dentist. I was there yesterday. The cleaning went very quickly – I was happy. The x-rays showed nothing more than a cracked, old filling that needed replacing – I was happy. And then, she was poking around the back of my mouth when her metal poker stabbed right through my jaw!!!


I motioned to her to stop and she said, “Really? That was your wisdom tooth,” as if to say, “Silly boy, wisdom teeth don’t cause pain – not to those stupid enough to still have them at 43 years of age – you know… like you… moron..” And then, as if that was enough, she moved her hands back towards my mouth! No! You don’t get it! I’m in pain here!!

You see, I was one of those “lucky people” whose wisdom teeth grew in straight. Great. Fucking party. Now, at 43, it looks like I’ll need one – maybe two – removed. I’ve got to wait a week for it, too – cause, you know, with something like this you want ANTICIPATION!

But I think there’s a play in there somewhere, just the same…

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Pere Callahan said...

But you get the great meds that go with it... Oh and be sure to wash them down with a nice glass of white something dry should go well with them. :)