Saturday, November 03, 2012

La Salle takes Finland…

I haven’t posted anything about my writing career around here in some time, so allow me to steal an article from my other blog…

Here’s how this happened: The Worth of Dreams The Value of Dreamers climbed the iTunes Self-Help/Self-Development Audiobook chart last week, all the way up to #5. Typical of me, I discounted it as a joke. Why? Because I’ve been so conditioned by people I thought of as friends to discount any achievement that I couldn’t just accept it and embrace it.

Then, my friend Ernest, who is the Editor over at RecoveringThe Self, suggested we run a piece about it and I thought, “No!” I was afraid of being judged negatively – once again – by those folks who I had once considered friends but who fed me so much negativity, well, I shouldn’t have.

And when my agent, Jeanie, heard about it she reminded me of something. “This makes you an international author,” she told me… and it took a few days for that to sink in. This achievement I had been discounting had actually been a good thing! And I realized I should embrace it and accepts it – and that I should do the piece Ernest had talked about.

And you can read that piece right here: I’m rather surprised at how it makes my life sound almost like a straight line to this point. There’s no such thing as fate, but it’s surprising how strong a tool hindsight can be.

This news was subsequently picked up by the Bozeman News:

It’s nice to put one in the win column. And it’s good to know all the negative people are gone and I have the support of people like Ernest and Jeanie.

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